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Archive for October 2014

IPC CID Certificate

This professional development program provides objective evaluation of core competencies in design, based upon industry standards rather than specifications of just one company. Courses enhance and assess technical knowledge: how to transform an electrical circuit description into a reliable PCB design that can be manufactured, assembled and tested.

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Android Ohms Law Calculator Application

Ohm’s law is a fundamental law of Electrical and Electronic Engineering which relates the quantities of Voltage, Current, and Resistance together. This small App allows the user to easily do Ohm’s law calculations to calculate Voltage, Current and Resistance. It also (optionally) calculates the associated Power dissipation value. The user enters any two known values…

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Expert System Designer Certificate from Motorola

I designed a digital time control clock for use in a spa pool control system using a Motorola (became Freescale, now NXP) 68HC705J1A microcontroller. This was programmed in assembly language and carried out triple redundant timekeeping in software so that, if interference disturbed one of the timekeeping processes, it could recognise the problem by comparing…

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